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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Deluxe steelbook (ps4)

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Deluxe steelbook (ps4)

  • €7000


Your favourite heroes

The Capcom and Marvel universes are set to collide once again, pitting the most courageous combatants from each legendary pantheon against one another in a super-powered, bare-knuckle brawl.

Blast your opponents to smithereens with Mega Man X’s signature Buster Gun, break out your inner tech genius with Iron Man’s cutting edge abilities or give your enemies the ultimate beat-down as Captain Marvel.

In the world of the superhuman though, nothing is ever as it seems. The incredible power of the Infinity Stones is yours – and your opponents – to wield in battle, shifting the balance with their unique abilities such manipulating time or unleashing untold power.

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